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Rand Fishkin on SEO, Content Marketing and Being Useful

...or how passion projects thrive

Talk to 1,000 marketers about how they ended up in the field and on their particular career path and you’ll hear 1,000 uniquely different stories. Simply put, there is a multitude of different avenues marketing professionals take to get their dream jobs and start their dream companies. In the case of Moz Founder Rand Fishkin, he made it 99% the way through college only to drop out and start what is now one of the most recognized and revered brands in the marketing space, proving there’s no one, single means to make it in the industry.

Rand and his marketing analytics software firm have come a long way in the past decade. What initially started off as a search marketing-themed blog has evolved into arguably the foremost leader in the marketing tech and information space — a 150-person company that helps thousands of brands of just about every size and in practically every sector improve their online presence through better data-based processes and strategies.

Rand’s current job title of Wizard of Moz is most certainly appropriate given his vast experience and expertise as it relates to content creation, SEO, and inbound marketing. Just listen in to his weekly Whiteboard Friday video series and you’ll understand exactly what I mean when.

One of Rand’s best business traits is the keen ability to understand the issues and challenges facing modern marketers and knowing exactly what those folks will need to advance their brands’ marketing goals — whether it’s to move their website higher in search results, gain more exposure for their products and services, or find a way to connect with the right audience at the right time seemingly anywhere and everywhere online.

Discover all of the interesting advice and tidbits Rand had to share on the current landscape of marketing, how he ensures Moz offers significant value to the marketing community, the frame of mind marketers need to have regarding their brand strategies, how to keep up with Google and its ever-changing algorithm, and much, much more in this episode of the Craft of Marketing.

Listen in for an honest account of what marketing is all about. The tips, hacks and strategies that professionals share with each other but rarely talk about in public.


  • Keeping up with SEO and knowing how to implement a search strategy is vital for marketers today
  • Before focusing on implementing SEO tactics, ensure your website is set up for search engine success
  • Struggling to master Google? Even the company’s search experts don’t fully understand their algorithm
  • The content you share with the world needs to offer a distinct benefit — otherwise, no one will care
  • If you don’t recognize off the bat the time commitment content marketing requires, you’re bound to fail
  • Paid advertising is a great supporting tactic … but organic marketing is what most companies need to focus on
  • Unique content won’t get you far with Google — however, lots of unique value in your content will



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