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Kickstarting Your Business & Crowdfunding Ideas with Tivan Amour

Nontraditional fundraising — specifically, through websites like Kickstarter — is slowly but surely becoming the norm for both seasoned entrepreneurs with a new idea they want to see come to fruition and the every-person with a life-long passion to bring a new or reinvented product or service to the world.

For Fortified Bicycle CRO and Co-founder Tivan Amour, the genesis for the idea behind his burgeoning bike-light business came about through a random personal experience, but within a matter of months, his online fundraising efforts led to one of the more promising early-stage startups in the Boston area: a company the people wanted.

That’s the moral of the story when it comes to community outreach to help raise money for business ideas: It’s not enough to simply appeal to venture capitalists and those with large pockets anymore. Today, alternative approaches like crowdfunding (well, alternative for now, at least) are becoming a more viable means for those with a vision for their businesses to make them come to life.

The challenge after securing this newfound capital for Tivan and his blossoming company came in the form of finding the right fit to bring onboard and wearing multiple hats on the marketing and sales side of things. However, this challenge was more than welcomed by Tivan and crew, and the company is seeing steady progress across the board.

Having worked in the same startup community Tivan and his company are currently navigating, I can certainly attest to the dedicated mindset and crystal-clear vision it takes to not only grow a new business’s bottom line and increase brand awareness, but also build a team capable of handling the myriad marketing and sales challenges that emerge.

Tivan and his co-founder Slava Menn inspired me to launch the Craft of Marketing Podcast on Kickstarter which got funded in 7 days.

If you’re looking for insights into the steadily evolving world of online crowdfunding and how to win with your young venture’s growth and development, this chat will provide some clarity.

In this episode, Tivan highlights how a seven-person startup gets the most out of one another in every phase of the business and what specific marketing tasks Tivan and his colleagues have had to take on in the beginning of what is assured to be a very prosperous brand in the bicycle gear industry.

Listen in for an honest account of what marketing is all about. The tips, hacks and strategies that professionals share with each other but rarely talk about in public.


  • Believe the hype: Crowdfunding sites really are the new wave of startup financing
  • Talking directly to your customers can guide your many of your marketing plans
  • Tell your story around your products and services to inspire consumers to buy
  • Own relevant long-tail keywords online and the clicks (and leads) will come
  • Those who know (and care greatly about) your business’s vision make the best hires
  • Scheduling meetings within your business regularly can drive brand innovation



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