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Growth Hacker Marketing for Personal and Professional Brand Growth with Sujan Patel

or, how to grow your professional and personal brand fast

“Growth hacker marketing” may just seem like another one of those trendy business terms that doesn’t really mean anything and dwindles in discussions among marketers and other professionals over time. The truth, however, is that growth hacking — the setting up of long-term systems and processes that help brands systematically attract and acquire customers — has been around for ages. There simply wasn’t a term for it.

While many have adopted the growth hacking methodology and philosophy for their companies, organizations, and institutions, few do it better than When I Work Vice President of Marketing Sujan Patel.

Sujan is one of those rare marketing pros who has a knack for taking a step back to truly comprehend what a business needs to succeed: from how to hear the voices of its primary audience, to providing value for that audience in the form of useful tools and content marketing.

Over at When I Work (and even at his earlier ventures, like Single Grain), Sujan has made it his mission to grow his brands at organically without relying on paid customer acquisition techniques, ensuring they don’t fall victim to downturns and missed opportunities or end up developing at an unsustainable pace. His aim has been to nail down marketing methods that enable his fellow team members while also making sure all marketing activities have a distinct purpose in the grand scheme of their brand goals.

Calm, cool, and collected can aptly describe Sujan and his desire for marketing, but so too can ambitious, determined, and resourceful.

How do you know if your brand is growing in the ways and at the rate it needs to on the marketing side of things? What can be done to improve your day-to-day activities and processes?

Find out about Sujan’s vast experience in the world of marketing, how he ended up running the small (but quickly growing) employee scheduling SAAS company, When I Work, why social media is a supremely underrated facet of any marketing strategy, and a variety of other topics covering details small and large about the industry and his role in it.

Listen in for an honest account of what marketing is all about. The tips, hacks and strategies that professionals share with each other but rarely talk about in public.


  • Test, scale, learn, repeat: This is the winning formula to grow your brand and bottom line
  • Be authentic with your marketing — it’s the only way you’ll really connect with and influence them
  • You may not be able to tie social media marketing to ROI, but it’s still indispensable
  • Think of your personal blog as an extension of your personality and premier networking tool
  • Don’t consider yourself a writing wiz? Record your thoughts to help spark your blogging efforts
  • Embrace the mindset of customer support reps when brainstorming content ideas for your audience
  • Live and breathe your products and services to improve your marketing day by day



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