How To Hack The Amazon Book Publishing Process

Steve Scott on Book Marketing

Leveraging Amazon to create a book publishing juggernaut

It used to be quite the ordeal to get a book published. From actually producing valuable content to share with the world to finding the right publisher to buy into it, edit it, and release it, the process could take well north of a year and usually end up with a diluted version of the author’s initial work. Nowadays, there are untold numbers of online publishing channels that allow anyone to share their work with the digiverse, build a loyal following, and reap some financial benefits.

Having said that, there is an art and science to making a fulfilling and flourishing career as a self-published author. Steve Scott can attest to this, as he notes it took a considerable amount of learning and a unique marketing strategy to shine in the world of Kindle publishing.

In the past few years alone, Steve has self-published dozens of Kindle books through Amazon, including on topics like how to master Evernote, small habit changes that can improve your day-to-day, and the keys to starting a blog in less than an hour. It’s clear Steve has lots to say on a wide range of subjects, and thanks to Amazon, he’s made his voice heard and even created a significant business dispensing his words of wisdom through the online retail giant’s service.

Steve’s “a-ha” moment that led to him discovering the untapped potential of this publishing platform has helped him continue his passion of disbursing his vast knowledge and even pick up some marketing skills he never dreamed he’d acquire. It’s certainly a business model few can say they thrive in, and yet, he makes it look so easy.

Listen in to my conversation with Steve to hear why affiliate marketing has been his main marketing method for his Kindle venture, how he plans to gradually scale his business, what it takes to get to triumph in the self-publishing sphere, and numerous other tidbits regarding this incredibly unique niche space that can undoubtedly help others with similar digital enterprises.

Listen in for an honest account of what marketing is all about. The tips, hacks and strategies that professionals share with each other but rarely talk about in public.


  • Balancing a marketing strategy for multiple audiences requires multiple techniques
  • Stave off the sales mentality to ensure your marketing provides value first and foremost
  • A patchwork marketing team doesn’t mean it’s an inefficient one
  • Patience really is a virtue — especially when it comes to scaling a business
  • Publishing can work as an entire sales model or simply help generate brand attention
  • Run with proven tactics, but also gradually experiment with others to continue to grow your brand


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