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Mastering the Art of Social Media with Rebekah Radice

Have you ever had the thought that “Social media is useless. If you can’t measure the ROI, what’s the point?.” You’re not alone, this is how many entrepreneurs  — small business owners and CEOs alike — still think about social media, despite considerable amounts of evidence showing the contrary. There may not be a way to calculate how many customers and dollars you earn through your use of Facebook, Twitter, and the like, but simply stating they don’t provide value for your brand is foolish.

Just ask long-time marketer and social media guru Rebekah Radice. She’s been an evangelist for leveraging social networks, community building and content marketing for years now. From her perspective there’s no better way to build brand awareness, share informative content, and engage with audiences than social. It’s the mantra she’s been sharing with the businesses that she works with, some of whom initially doubted what social media could truly do for their brand awareness and bottom lines, but quickly learned its vast benefits.

Having been in the marketing industry for 17 years and blogging on her own personal website for more than a decade, Rebekah has championed social media’s inclusion in marketing strategies for businesses of all shapes and sizes. On a daily basis, Rebekah provides SMBs a well laid-out road map and integrated strategy to harness the power of social media. As she will assuredly tell you, the influence brands can develop simply through daily tweets, status updates, and pins and colloquial back-and-forth with their core audiences is truly immeasurable.

The mindset has changed the most in the past several years. Before, it was “I’m going to use social media as a blow horn,” as Rebekah so cleverly points out. As she also notes, though, that’s just not the case anymore. More interaction and engagement is needed on a consistent basis to take conversations with leads and customers even further and develop long-lasting relationships with them

In this episode of the Craft of Marketing, Rebekah proves her social media marketing prowess, as she relays what it takes to succeed in the social-sphere in this day and age, why some brands are scared to voice their opinions through their content and audience interactions, how to aptly mix automation and manual posting, and numerous other intriguing takes on the state of marketing.

Listen in for an honest account of what marketing is all about. The tips, hacks and strategies that professionals share with each other but rarely talk about in public.


  • Using social media as a blow horn isn’t effective — it’s engagement that really drives brands’ bottom lines
  • Before setting up branded social media accounts, define what you want social media to do for your business
  • Fear prevents many SMBs from embracing social media … but that fear can be overcome with a clear strategy
  • Not all social networks work for every brand so identify the ones that yield relationships and results for you
  • “Automation in moderation” should be drilled into marketers’ minds, as personalized messages are needed regularly
  • Content calendars aren’t just for blogs — they’re invaluable for scheduling your social media posts well in advance
  • Be honest with yourself regarding how much time, energy, and resources you can commit for your marketing to avoid headaches


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