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Mentoring Startups on Marketing Strategy with Betaspring’s Owen Johnson

plus...building a craft brewery from scratch

Building a business is not a sprint, it’s a game of survival requiring fortitude, emotional intelligence and a keen sense of how to bring your ideas to market. We can sum it up to passion, passion for your product, the problem you’re solving, the people you’re solving it for and the services you’re providing. This not only helps drive awareness for what you are building, but also has a critical impact on how much business your company ultimately generates.

If there’s one thing serial entrepreneur and investor Owen Johnson knows about it’s passion.  Owen is one of the cofounders at the business accelerator Betaspring, where he helps guide up-and-coming startups and get them to the point where they can not only survive in the marketplace, but thrive as well.  He’s mentored countless startups from all over the world. One major component to the success those startups achieve, according to Owen, is how well they execute their marketing: from the hand to hand selling required to incubate an idea to formulating a comprehensive online strategy that leads to word-of-mouth marketing and a genuine interest in their companies. Not one to rest on his laurels, Owen also has his own passion project, Revival Brewing Co., a craft brewery which he started with a world renowned brewmaster right in his backyard in Providence, Rhode Island.

From Owen’s perspective, ideas are the easy part, it’s execution that is the determining factor of success.  He’s got a keen eye for leaders that know how to fail fast and learn from their mistakes to build future successes. And that’s what I love about Owen: He’s an entrepreneur in every sense of the word, taking risks, innovating and iterating his ideas until he gets it right, even with his passion projects like running a booming brewery company (which just so happens to make some pretty damn great beers).

What risks have you taken that can transform your upcoming professional endeavors? In other words: How do you use the past to help dictate your future?

In this episode, I sit down with Owen to go over what’s worked wonders for his many business ventures, how we mentors likeminded entrepreneurs through Betaspring, and how he plans to continue to learn and grow with his current and forthcoming enterprises — specifically as it pertains to his thoughts on the marketing methods he implements today.

Listen in for an honest account of what marketing is all about. The tips, hacks and strategies that professionals share with each other but rarely talk about in public.


  • The technology may change, but the core business principles remain the same
  • Learn to leverage social to generate significant buzz for your brand
  • When done well, face time with your audience can broaden brand awareness
  • Knowing the “why” and goals of your content marketing is essential
  • Exploratory writing can help you hone your content creation skills
  • Successful startup entrepreneurs are passionate — and take advice well
  • Want to learn new professional skills? Take initiative and dive in headfirst



Revival Brewing Co.

Owen Johnson


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