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Lessons Learned from Building an Internationally Acclaimed Blog with Nowshad Rizwanullah

...turning a celebrity blog into a publishing powerhouse

India is not only one of the world’s largest economies, but also one of the fastest-growing cultural centers around the globe. The digital revolution continues to make its way into more Indian homes by the day — and it’s clear where many of the nation’s residents’ cultural interests lie: keeping up with the latest trends in Bollywood, fashion, and lifestyle … and no one has helped meet this desire for such news than internationally acclaimed media empire MissMalini.

One of the core team members behind the blog-turned-pop-cultural-phenomenon is Nowshad Rizwanullah, the CEO of MissMalini Publishing Pvt. Ltd. and husband to the star of the business, Malini Agarwal. Together, and with a team of roughly a dozen others, the couple has created a media conglomerate that provides a much-coveted service — one that India has really never had before.

Looking to other successful digital media companies internationally has aided Nowshad and Co. in their quest to develop a truly original brand that not only builds but also sustains a devoted following. You would think a business with their substantial popularity would have a significant investment in a detailed marketing strategy, but that wasn’t the case — well, not to start, at least. Focusing nearly all of their initial energies on getting found organically was the real reason MissMalini went from small-time blog to universally esteemed media enterprise.

The MissMalini site secures roughly 1.5 million unique visitors, Nowshad notes, while its social media following sits a 4 million, but continues to balloon at a rampant pace — something Nowshad acknowledges wouldn’t be possible without the woman at the center of it all who puts herself out there daily.

In this episode of the Craft of Marketing, Nowshad explains his measured approach to attaining steady business growth, the state of internet usage and digital marketing in India, why nailing the right voice on the blog was a must from the start, and much more.

Listen in for an honest account of what marketing is all about. The tips, hacks and strategies that professionals share with each other but rarely talk about in public.


  • Thinking of starting a company? Find an underserved audience and figure out how to meet their needs
  • Developing a worldwide brand around one person’s celebrity makes for a unique business-building experience
  • Writing in the voice that most identifies with an audience doesn’t come easy — in fact, it’s very difficult to nail down
  • India is primed to experience vast amounts of growth in terms of big online voices making names for themselves
  • Most TV-oriented brands are trying to get online, but Nowshad’s company has found itself in the opposite position
  • Not spending any money on marketing to start helped Nowshad understand his brand’s true popularity



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