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Mixing Modern and Traditional Marketing Tactics with Foolproof’s Nick Garrison

or, marketing craft beer in a digital world

Being able to mix a personal passion into one’s professional career is just about everyone’s dream. Who wouldn’t want to make a product or offer a service that aligns with something that’s near and dear to their heart and is something they truly enjoy producing and sharing with the world?

That’s exactly what Foolproof Brewing Company Founder and President Nick Garrison has been able to achieve. Over the past few years, he’s gone from generating his modest vision of opening up his own beer-making business to realizing that vision and becoming one of the hottest breweries in the New England area.

Thanks to a mix of a great product, savvy marketing expertise handed down from his father, and an expert implementation of his own traditional and online marketing tactics, Nick has gotten Foolproof into stores in multiple states and has generated a hefty amount of buzz as one of the new names to watch out for in the brewing sphere.

Nick noted face-to-face marketing with vendors — in other words, conducting numerous meet-and-greets and getting the products in their hands — was one of his most successful promotional strategies. But he also needed to take advantage of all the internet provides for modern marketing as well.

A savvy blend of both outbound and inbound marketing boosted awareness of Nick’s new labor of love, and he was nice enough to take some time from his busy schedule to relay his tips and tricks for SMBs on how to capably get the word out about their brands.

Hear how Nick realized his dream venture and the marketing techniques he used to make it well-known (and -respected) — everything from sustaining business relationships through social media and email marketing, to creating a unique customer experience with unique branding and messaging, to hosting regular events to spread word of mouth — in this episode of the Craft of Marketing.

Listen in for an honest account of what marketing is all about. The tips, hacks and strategies that professionals share with each other but rarely talk about in public.


  • Connecting with customers in person is just as vital and effective as via social media — but more memorable
  • The beer industry can be brutal on newbies, meaning product differentiation is absolutely essential
  • Press releases still work well for brands … but solely for major news, not “empty” news
  • Telling your brand’s story is how you get people emotionally invested in it and, ultimately, buying your product



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