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Embracing the Marketing Mindset with Marcus Sheridan

Ask just about any marketer why they adopted the inbound marketing philosophy and they’ll tell you it’s because the “look at me and my products” style of marketing just isn’t effective anymore for building awareness and attracting customers — Now it’s about becoming a magent so customers knock on your door because you’ve been more valuable to them than your competitors, going way beyond the things that you sell.

Marcus Sheridan, who’s well-known in the marketing sphere as The Sales Lion, wasn’t always a digital marketing guru. In fact, it took a failing swimming pool business to make him realize the vast benefits of answering his customers questions online could have on his struggling venture.

Today, Marcus has turned around the fortunes of his once-beleaguered company and now has focused his attention to helping other entrepreneurs and executives small and large realize the numerous possibilities that lie within a comprehensive inbound strategy.

It’s been amazing to watch Marcus reinvent himself through savvy content marketing tactics — from podcasting and blogging, to paid advertising and public speaking — and a complete dedication to his work. He’s one of the most genuine and passionate inbound marketers I’ve ever met. Beaming with integrity and loyal to his family, friends and followers.

Are you considering implementing an inbound marketing strategy to help (or even save) your business?

The statistics detailing how valuable inbound marketing is for brands and organizations in just about every industry continue to grow exponentially. Lead generation and nurturing has become easier than ever for B2C and B2B firms. Moreover, every facet of an inbound strategy is quantifiable, meaning marketers everywhere can analyze their work and see the fruits of their labor.

In this podcast, Marcus relays his incredibly story of how he went from being in massive debt with his declining business to becoming the head of his own consulting firm and a renowned figure in the world of marketing — and how other professionals should make the same leap to success by modernizing their marketing and asking themselves and their customers the right questions.

Listen in for an honest account of what marketing is all about. The tips, hacks and strategies that professionals share with each other but rarely talk about in public.


  • Determine the difference between writing well and truly resonating with an audience
  • Recognize consumer pain points and learn how to “disarm the situation”
  • Learn how to create crystal clear messaging from top to bottom in your marketing
  • How to embrace the “you-ask-we-answer” philosophy with your prospects
  • Not everyone at a company is a writer — but they’re all teachers and communicators
  • How to explain the value of content marketing to decision-makers at a business
  • PPC advertising and content marketing aren’t enemies — one supports the other
  • Figure out which marketing metrics matter most and which are “vanity” metrics
  • Social media has its place in marketing, but don’t let it control your business choices


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