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9 Steps to Aligning Sales, Marketing and Technology

A conversation with John Wall

The Insiders Guide to Making a Sales and Marketing Team Scale

“No pain, no gain” applies to many different aspects of life. When it comes to business — notably, the marketing side of things — the phrase certainly proves apt. To make it in this industry (like many others), a great deal of time and effort is required. College graduates just starting out need to enter the field in any way they can, while long-time marketers need to continue to evolve their skill sets to keep their careers moving forward.

As EventHero Vice President of Marketing John Wall notes, an excellent way marketers new and veteran can get and stay ahead of the curve is to adopt the latest and greatest marketing technologies that can streamline their tasks, projects, and goals and make them look like superstars in the eyes of their management and executives.

Marketing automation was originally intended for long-time marketers who knew how to take advantage of complex tech to make their tactics operate more smoothly and effectively. Today, though, things have changed: Any marketer of any experience level can find software, apps, and tools that can simplify just about every component of their day-to-day. And yet, John indicates far too many marketers don’t take advantage of these systems the way they should.

Whether it’s for his 8-plus-year-old podcast Marketing Over Coffee or with his work for his event lead management software firm, marketing technology has helped John and his associates achieve substantial success with generating traction for their brands and secure the right leads and customers online. This certainly is not an easy task for marketers, as John will attest, but one that pays many dividends as long as you stay the course and believe in the results that have been achieved over and over from businesses and organizations the world over.

Join me as I talk with John — who knows the effects an inbound strategy and effective tech implementation can have on companies’ bottom lines — as he asserts what it takes to become a successful marketer in today’s climate, why salespeople are increasingly transforming into marketers, and how to take advantage of emerging technologies, among numerous other topics.

Listen in for an honest account of what marketing is all about. The tips, hacks and strategies that professionals share with each other but rarely talk about in public.


  • We’ve entered the Marketing Automation 2.0 Era: Novice marketers can now thrive with the tech
  • Modern salespeople need to embrace the marketing mindset — including and especially social listening
  • Cold calling is entering its final days as a viable sales method for just about every brand and industry
  • Content marketing is a bit painful at first … but the fruits of your labor will be worth it in the long run
  • Marketing skills can be learned, but the best marketing pros are the ones born with the desire for the job
  • Answering prospects questions with your content is an optimal way to start your inbound strategy
  • Technology’s growth remains ahead of many marketers’ ability to use it effectively for their own efforts
  • Record every marketing tactic you conduct this year so you can evaluate its efficacy for next year’s strategy
  • Though not ideal, starting your marketing career from the bottom can lead to the job you actually want


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