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Conquering Content Shock with Joe Chernov

I recently had a conversation with Joe Chernov about the future of content marketing. If you don’t know Joe, he’s one of the most respected B2B content marketers today. he’s been the director of content at Hubspot and is now VP of marketing at Insight Squared, Joe has also spearheaded the content efforts at Kinvey & Eloqua, the marketing automation pioneer. We got a chance to dive deep into what’s working now that everyone is a content creator, how to build a marketing team and what Joe is betting on to move the needle in 2015.

We’ve all experienced watching our favorite marketing tactic getting less and less effective every day. It’s painful and a little bit scary.

In this age of content marketing so many people are chanting the mantra of quality content as the key to generating traffic online.

That’s just not quite right.

The truth is, great content is not enough anymore!  In fact, it’s now table stakes.

The magic lies in what you do before and after the content is created. Understanding the needs of your customer better than anyone else and finding the right content to address those needs is the crucial first step that many overlook, choosing instead to publish the same old bland resources that you could find on any website. The real work today is in promoting, socializing and repurposing your content so you can get the highest and best engagement with your target audience. Content is a means of relationship building.

Joe Chernov is a master at this, he’s using some really interesting ideas at Hubspot to combat the content shock that every consumer is feeling . The most successful online marketers are exploring similar tactics every day to drive traffic, nurture their audience, deliver high quality, targeted leads for their business.

…and you can too. Listen in for an honest account of what marketing is all about. The tips, hacks and strategies that professionals share with each other but rarely talk about in public.


  • How to address content shock, when everyone is a content creator.
  • Building an effective marketing team for a newly public company.
  • Social media may not be the end all for scaling a business.
  • What’s changed in the content landscape in the past few years.
  • Why personal brand building should be a byproduct of what you do not a focus.
  • Joe’s plans for accelerating Hubspot in 2015.


Hubspot’s Blogs (The segmentation that Joe’s team is working on)

From Content to Customer  Co-authored by Joe Chernov in Feb 2012 and still relevant today

The #1 Mistake People Make on Twitter (A SlideShare by Gary Vaynerchuk)

Joe on Twitter

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