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Building a Career
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Jay Acunzo on All Things Content

A Step by Step Guide to Building a Career with Content Marketing

The traditional resume is dead — at least that’s the case for aspiring content marketers, according to NextView Ventures Vice President Jay Acunzo. “The rules changed right before our eyes, now if you want to be successful in the marketing space you don’t need a fancy degree, though that might get you in the door. you just need the talent to create the remarkable and deliver measurable results with your efforts.” Jay’s has been working in the field for a half-dozen years, including for two of the most prestigious names in content/inbound marketing, Google and HubSpot, and will be the first to tell you that, of all of the marketing-oriented roles you could apply for, content marketer requires more than just a standard cover letter and the prototypical “I’m-the-right-person-for-the-job” pitch. Nope, it requires a hefty portfolio that shows expertise in various facets of digital marketing and attention-grabbing copy.

Success comes from focusing on customers. Search for them, talk to them, then shut up and listen! 

Jay will also be the first to acknowledge this is something few hopeful content creators and strategists understand well and know how to execute — and that was one of the reasons behind his decision to co-found an exciting young community of burgeoning marketing professionals in the Boston areas through his Boston Content group. The faction serves as an optimal outlet for eager and involved marketers to share advice and ideas, build upon their skill sets, and even find applicable job opportunities nearby.

Aspiring marketers today have no excuse not to have a substantial portfolio 

It’s his seemingly endless energy supply that keeps Jay moving his career along at a steady clip and working tirelessly to help those just like him make the right career moves in what has become an exciting yet difficult industry to navigate. It’s wonderful to see Jay and the team behind Boston Content take time out of their busy schedules to aid others whom share similar interests in all-things marketing.

How Jay finds time to conduct his actual day-to-day marketing activities at his venture capital firm makes one want to learn to emulate his work ethic. Whatever the methods are that he implements to accomplish ostensibly everything he wants to, it’s evident Jay is supremely passionate about the marketing world and is driven to help steer the industry in the right direction (and, to some degree, keep learning new techniques and methodologies on the fly).

Focus less on a volume of content and more on getting the most out of your existing content 

If you want to glean insights from someone who’s practically been there and done that for every major marketing role there is in marketing, this is the essential Craft of Marketing episode to check out. Jay and I hit on a variety of intriguing subjects, including how VCs are finally coming around to content marketing, the new perspectives he’s gained from starting his evolving marketing community (1,000+ members and growing daily, by the way), areas even the best marketers can improve, and several other topics. Also, check out Jay’s latest content effort, Traction, the Podcast about the creative & unusual ways entrepreneurs make progress.

Listen in for an honest account of what marketing is all about. The tips, hacks and strategies that professionals share with each other but rarely talk about in public.


  • Venture capital firms are finally seeing the light and hiring content marketers to bolster their brands
  • Bringing together likeminded, driven marketers leads to in-depth conversations and connections
  • Strategy is an inherent need for marketing to work, whether you’re an early-stage startup or corporation
  • You’d be amazed how much time marketers ask “What should we build?” instead of engaging customers
  • Knowing where your audience “lives” online takes guesswork, but test often enough and you’ll find them
  • Building a foundation of content one piece at a time provides you with long-term traffic and lead gen



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