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Incorporating Video Into Your Marketing Plans with Ezra Fishman

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You have a comprehensive content marketing strategy in place for your brand. You publish a handful of meticulously constructed blog posts each week. You have a drip email campaign in place for your lead lists. You even create visual content like infographics and SlideShares. But do you take advantage of video marketing?

Video may have killed the radio star, but there are still so many marketers out there who don’t deem the medium worthy of inclusion in their content marketing plans. As Wistia Director of Marketing Ezra Fishman declares so bluntly, it’s an enormous mistake not to have a well-thought-out video scheme, given the considerable rewards marketing pros can reap from having one (both generating leads and nurturing them long after).

Wistia has become one of the leaders in the video marketing space in the past several years, largely because of it’s hands-on training it provides brands of all kinds and it’s no-nonsense approach to creating and analyzing compelling recorded content — and Ezra has had a big hand in assisting Wistia in achieving this substantial growth.

The company has made bigger strides than just about any other video marketing platform out there today. Ezra’s role in this success stems from his belief that teaching entrepreneurs and executives of the vast pros of using video in their marketing and continuing that relationship of educating them over the long haul will allow brands to evolve their video master plans and branch out into their own brand of filmmaking — in other words, start with 2-minute explainer videos and transform their recordings into something much more substantive and effectual.

Too often, marketers of all skill levels think video a far-too-complicated process to venture into — from the pre-production components, like developing goals and scripts for filmed materials, to the post-production phase, where editing is so crucial to the final product’s success. But as Ezra so ardently believes, this sometimes-lengthy procedure of shooting and fine-tuning video isn’t something that should deter marketers. Rather, it’s something that can help explain aspects of your brand that can’t be relayed through the written word.

Take a listen to this episode of the Craft of Marketing to learn exactly why you need to fuse video into your marketing strategy, how you can accurately gauge the potency of your videos, and how simple it is to handily make video production a regular facet of your overall marketing day-to-day.

Listen in for an honest account of what marketing is all about. The tips, hacks and strategies that professionals share with each other but rarely talk about in public.


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