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Making Inbound Marketing Work for Boring Industries with Dan Moyle

or.. creating value for customers and assets for sales

Banks, healthcare, backend technology firms, manufacturers — you may not think it’s possible to create content around these industries and actually attract visitors and convert leads online, but there are numerous companies in these sectors and ones just like them that thrive with their inbound marketing strategies and generate substantial amounts of new business, referrals, brand awareness, and general engagement.

If anyone embodies the mindset of “I can make my boring industry seem exciting with the right marketing plan,” it’s AmeriFirst Home Mortgage Creative Director of Marketing Dan Moyle. His efforts to take a brand that didn’t really have much invested in terms of any kind of marketing strategy just a handful of years ago to one that’s become a thought leader in the home loan finance space just goes to show you don’t have to sell high-end clothing or sexy apps and software to make significant headway with online marketing.

Dan’s made it his mission to distinguish AmeriFirst from other mortgage servicers out there who either provide generic loan-related content or don’t even “bother” with attempting to reach prospective home buyers online. Given the amount of content he and his team produce each month, it’s little surprise Dan and Co. have made a name for themselves and left the competition in the digital dust.

Think it’s time for your “boring” company to make the leap to inbound and join the likely many other brands in your dull industry?

Hear what Dan has to offer fellow marketing professionals who aren’t quite sure their brands can succeed with an inbound strategy in this episode of the Craft of Marketing, which details his transition from journalism to marketing, why social media can still provide value even if it doesn’t provide customers, and a bevy of book recommendations from some of the industry’s best and brightest.

Listen in for an honest account of what marketing is all about. The tips, hacks and strategies that professionals share with each other but rarely talk about in public.


  • Produce valuable content for your buyer personas and you’ll nurture the people most important to your brand
  • Balancing your creative skills and an analytical approach with your marketing will lead to the best results
  • Conversational content that gets your points across and exhibits your personality can be very beneficial
  • Don’t be afraid to try several marketing channels and tactics — if they don’t work, simply move on
  • Influencers, marketers, industry members — there’s many people you can (and should) connect with on social media
  • When hiring, identify the holes in your team’s marketing expertise and find skilled candidates to fill them



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