Mastering the Art of
Content Promotion

Chad Pollitt on Relevance

How to Get Started with Content Promotion

There are plenty of marketers that understand how to create good content, there are far fewer who understand the ins and outs of content promotion. In this episode we chat with Chad Pollitt, he’s is a master of leveraging content as an asset to drive measurable business results. He’s the co-founder of Relevance a publication dedicated to content promotion and a digital agency that helps companies big and small create strategies that bring together content, SEO, PPC, paid media, digital PR, and the analytics that help create repeatable success. Few people (if any) are more proficient in the art of content promotion than Chad.


Mastering the art of content promotion inst.2

Relevance isn’t just what experienced marketing professional Chad Pollitt aims for with his content creation — it’s also what he’s trying to achieve with his work in the marketing space. And in this case educating and informing marketers on the best ways to make the most of their content: promoting it through the right channels, sharing it with the right influencers and media outlets, and, simply put, using it to increase awareness and sales for their brands.

There are plenty of websites out there devoted to the “how” behind marketing, but Chad and his team at Relevance recognized the significant need on behalf of many marketers to learn what they need to do with their collateral — something that shows in his own content marketing efforts, which he’s been regularly introducing to the world since 2004.

On top of publishing in-depth blog posts and ebooks to help guide enterprise marketers with their online marketing, Chad and Co. also offer consultation to brands looking for digital promotion assistance and conduct live and virtual events to teach the modern tactics and techniques required to survive and thrive and today’s business landscape.

As Chad puts it, “Many marketers still ascribe to the ‘build-it-and-they-will-come’ philosophy, and I want to change this mentality and make them realize what the reality of modern marketing is.”

I was lucky enough to get an hour of Chad’s time to explore an assortment of marketing-related subjects: other marketers he routinely gleans insights from, the premier way to get influencers on your side, getting people to listen to you above other industry voices, and the value of personal branding in scaling a business online and off.

Listen in for an honest account of what marketing is all about. The tips, hacks and strategies that professionals share with each other but rarely talk about in public.


  • If you can’t find the time to write, have a freelancer interview you to get a starting point for your content plan
  • It’s great when bosses, colleagues, and clients say “Good job with content,” but it’s far better when the world says it
  • The best PR professionals are the ones who have big (and continually growing) books of media contacts
  • Getting great content placement in search engine results pages is “a trailing indicator of success in marketing”


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