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7 Steps to Using Content Marketing to Build Your Brand with Barry Feldman

plus, personal branding tactics that just work

Have you ever wanted to get a one-on-one with someone who’s mastered the art of content creation?

Barry Feldman of Feldman Creative Agency is just that guy.

He’s a content marketing machine, a skillful copywriter and is one of the best people I know at taking complex concepts and making them accessible online. In addition to running his agency, Barry is an amazing teacher, helping individuals and companies learn how to create and execute effective content strategies. We dive deep into viral content creation, personal branding, influencer marketing and what it takes to write copy people actually want to read.


Crafting amazing content that gets people to read, share and comment is really an art form these days.

Building a personal brand is more important than we ever imagined. 

It used to be you could just consistently write about a topic and folks would think you had created the internet.

Now it requires some personal branding skills so you can engage influencers, secure some guest blogging opportunities and build a tribe that actually cares about what you have to say.

Marketing is an art form that requires consistent hard work to make a difference for your business  

Barry is crushing it in so many content formats and outlets; from Slideshare to infographics, guest posts and social, he’s seemingly everywhere at once, creating content that makes people take notice.

Even though the tools are free, your work ethic is what helps you gain traction. 

Listen in for an honest account of what marketing is all about. The tips, hacks and strategies that professionals share with each other but rarely talk about in public.


  • Why guest blogging is still a great way to build an audience.
  • Learn about the greatest market research tool ever.
  • Step by step guide to becoming a great content marketer.
  • What’s changed in the content landscape in the past few years.
  • Learn how to find the right topics to write about.


Feldman Creative Agency

Content Rules Book

Epic Content Marketing Book

Barry on Twitter

This is a slideshare that Barry & I collaborated on that has received 124K views on Slideshare alone.

The key takeaway here is that Barry is super consistent, uses good visuals and chooses topics that resonate with his audience.

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This is a labor of love, something I’ve done offline for decades and now get to share my curiosity with you. Thanks for listening to the show and to Barry for being an amazing guest! Oh yeah, thank Barry on Twitter, I know he’d appreciate it.

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