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Anne Holland Creating the Wall Street Journal of Pot

...a playbook for publishing success round two

Creating one of the most successful online media companies serving marketers professionals in the year 2000 was way ahead of the curve, selling it for multiple 7 figures then launching the same playbook again in the marijuana sector as that industry is growing exponentially was nothing short of genius. In this episode we chat with Anne Holland, founder of Anne Holland Ventures, Marketing Sherpa, WhichTestWon and now the founder of Marijuana Business media, one of the fastest growing media companies creating content to serve cannabusiness professionals. We talk about the holy trinity of print, digital and events to dominate a niche market, how timing and proper selection can help insure success and what it takes to create truly exceptional content.

Just because it’s worked before…

Marketing used to entail a lot of people saying “This has worked before, so let’s do that,” without actually determining if those tactics and techniques actually generated the coveted results. Thankfully, this is no longer the case for the modern marketing team, which relies far more (nearly entirely, really) on data to drive their decision-making. One particular type of data marketers use frequently to guide their conclusions on what activities to implement for and changes to make to their strategies is that from A/B testing.

The role of data analyst is becoming increasingly imperative for both startups’ and major corporations’ marketing teams

Anne Holland, who founded esteemed research firm MarketingSherpa and her own B2B publishing firm Anne Holland Ventures, is one of the biggest proponents of A/B testing. Data, she notes, is the backbone of any successful business, including the marketing programs that directly influence the bottom lines of companies worldwide.

Driven by a curiosity by what makes things work, marketing has certainly become a specialty of Anne’s, but she has in-depth experience in all facets of the business world: from understanding the intricacies of making it in the constantly morphing publishing space, to a deep comprehension of search engine optimization and its key role in marketing schemes.

Tackling a taboo niche to get another head start

Anne took an interesting turn in her prosperous career path by starting a publication, conference, and other ventures in a complicated but growing sector: the cannabis industry. Her publishing firm owns and operates entities like the Marijuana Business Daily — which she refers to as “the Wall Street Journal of pot” — and provides numerous industry resources, including ebooks and reports on cannabis commerce, that provide ample information to those seeking to enter the emerging trade.

All in all, Anne’s made quite the mark with her various entrepreneurial endeavors — many of which were spawned after her early retirement didn’t take.

70-90% of the consumer journey happens online

In this episode of the Craft of Marketing, Anne and I discuss the significance of hiring the right people (even if they don’t have marketing backgrounds), trying to get the publisher she worked for at the turn of the century to make the move online, the importance of having several revenue streams in today’s market, and many more unique marketing-themed insights. Listen in for an honest account of what marketing is all about. The tips, hacks and strategies that professionals share with each other but rarely talk about in public.


  • Having multiple revenue streams isn’t a luxury — it’s really the only way businesses can thrive today
  • A/B testing isn’t just vital for marketing success — online experiments are also pretty fun to run
  • Teaching marketers what great marketing looks like is the simplest way to change their tactics and approach
  • The role of data analyst is becoming increasingly imperative for both startups’ and major corporations’ marketing teams
  • The marijuana industry is ripe for disruption, given its burgeoning growth as a major player in commerce
  • Cannabis-oriented ventures continue to pop up, especially publications reporting on the industry
  • The premier SEO firms are the ones most familiar with your business and intimately understand your search objectives
  • Working with a great partner who shares your passion and vision for a business makes all the difference in the work



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