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How to Create Brand Loyalty
with Compelling Storytelling

The Mind of Andrew Davis

Telling great stories to build brand loyalty

It may seem like quite the stretch to go from working as a TV producer and with iconic franchises like The Muppets to venturing into the world of marketing and starting an agency, but there’s more in common with these two careers than meets the eye. At the heart of both positions, held by veteran marketing and consulting professional Andrew Davis, is storytelling.

It doesn’t matter what you sell, storytelling can impact your bottom line. 

As Andrew states, it doesn’t matter what industry you work in, telling impactful stories can entice consumers to buy from your business over and over again. In his book, Brandscaping, Andrew dives into the concept of partnering with the right people to develop trigger the right emotions from an audience.

It’s this connection marketers make that not only motivates consumers to head online and enter their credit card info, but also to consistently purchase products and services and become brand evangelists — no small feat in today’s climate, especially given the countless new enterprises that open in just about every field daily.

Partnerships matter. Who has your next customer as their current customer? 

Building your audience and gaining their trust with each and every piece of content you put out there takes time, as Andrew attests, but with an exhaustive content plan that you execute with the help of experienced and perceptive professionals, there’s really no limit to how far you can take your brand awareness — and bottom line.

Get at the heart of your customers’ decisions to buy from you by simply asking. 

Who aids your online marketing efforts? How do you leverage others to elevate your brand in every conceivable way?

Dive in to this in-depth episode of the Craft of Marketing, during which I pick Andrew’s brain to learn how he’s become an accomplished and well-respected marketing mind, which brands’ marketing campaigns he enjoys most, how he puts so much energy into his public speaking, and about an abundance of other marketing-related subjects.

Being a thought leader doesn’t happen overnight, it takes skill and dedication to one’s craft. 

Listen in for an honest account of what marketing is all about. The tips, hacks and strategies that professionals share with each other but rarely talk about in public.


  • People are selective with content they consume, so be consistent with your content publication and value
  • Your content needs to have a “hook” to truly engage consumers and get them to keep coming back for more
  • Implement the “loyalty loop”: Make memorable touch points with customers to get them to love you
  • Inspiring customers post-purchase helps — but re-inspiring them constantly is far more beneficial


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